Aussie Separation Anxiety

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Recently adopted a 6 month old Aussie who is very well behaved. The only problem is that she is terrified of being alone/not having me in her sight. If I put her in her crate she cries loudly and chews the blanket in her cage to shreds in an attempt to escape.

I decided the other night that maybe she will be good as she sleeps a lot, plays with her toys, and isn't destructive when we are around and not interacting with her. She ended up ripping through 3 sets of window blinds over 2 different beds, as well as chewing a door frame pretty hard. She was away from me for ~9 hours but I had people come by twice around the 3 hour mark and the 6 hour mark.

What can I do to help ease her transition into crate training, as well as decrease this anxiety?

(I know they are very loyal in their nature as is)

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