Attention-seeking whining from a 7-month old GSD/Lab/Husky. Over-worked or under-stimulated?

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Hey all,

I've got a 7(ish) month old lab/husky/gsd puppy who has really picked up his attention-seeking behavior the last couple weeks. Specifically his whining and "talking" for attention. Anyone familiar with huskies will know what I mean. Now some unnecessarily long-winded backstory:

We got our dog back at the start of June.

We get up in the morning and he will go to the bathroom, come back inside and within a few minutes is quietly whining while staring at us while we get ready for the day. My wife leaves for work, then I take the dog on a ~30-40 minute walk before I feed him and leave for work. By the time I'm out the door shortly before 8am he's usually already snuggled into the couch cushions to watch the squirrels.

I get home around 4:30/5pm let him out, play in the yard for a little bit, then we go out for a long walk…like 90+ minutes and/or about 4 miles max. We have a great neighborhood with spiderwebbed streets to the route is constantly changed, plus the river-bottoms are easily accessed during the warm months. Anyway, get home, we eat dinner…he eats dinner, we sit down for a bit and watch tv or do chores. If we're watching tv I'll often get up and play with him during commercials (or if it's one of my wife's shows) or work on commands.

Trouble is, he's whining more and more in what I perceive as an attempt to get attention. Sometimes his whines turn into full-blown husky temper tantrums. We really try not to engage him while he's doing this, but sometimes it goes on and on.

Bringing us to last night.

Perhaps he was over-tired; we took a walk to a new neighborhood, and when we got home my MIL's dog was over. Which for our dog is awesome, he loves dogs, less awesome for the guest dog because she's not very social (we're working on that). So most of the evening the two dogs were in a constant state of motion…my MIL's dog walking away and my dog bringing up the rear like the monster from It Follows. After guest-dog left it was close to bed time so we were just sitting watching a couple episodes of Drugs, Inc. before bed. Our dog spent the better part of two episodes (not quite 2 hours) waffling between almost-sleep and quietly whining/grumbling while shooting us sideways looks.

Part of me thinks last night was an anomaly, maybe he got all out-of-sorts from the surprise guest, and didn't have a proper amount of time to wind down for the night. Maybe there was too much stimulation from the new walk route, or maybe he had energy left over from the shorter morning walk…it's all kind of speculation right now.

Short story long as hell, I'm wondering if any of you guys have any insights into the grey matter of our dog.

TL/DR: Our dog makes weird gremlin noises, we're afraid to feed him after midnight at this point.

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