Attention command for a non food motivated dog?

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I have a little 40lb 2 year old pibble that I recently adopted from a shelter. He is a totally sweet wiggle butt! I am having a hard time with training however because he is completely disinterested in food. I have tried all sorts of goodies and the best I have found is hot dogs which he will take only sometimes. Training inside the house with few distractions goes okay but once we are out on a walk it is very difficult to get him to look at me. He will heel and sit for me on a walk but won't look at me and generally won't take *any* treat, even a bit of hot dog. He just completely (more like actively) ignores me and the treat even after he just successfully did a command such as sit. It just seems that no treat or anything that I do is more interesting to him than whatever grabs his attention while outdoors.

I guess my question boils down to how do I do positive training with a dog that simply doesn't really care about food?

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