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We have had our 10 week old miniature dachshund puppy for about 3 days so far and it’s been up and down with him. We have a crate set up like a den in the kitchen but since day 1 he’s never really settled in it – he always goes straight for his donut bed in the lounge.

He has been really good with toilet training so far with only a few accidents in the first couple of days where he weed in the lounge. He’s started going outside and getting lots of treats when he goes.

We have a puppy pad in the kitchen which he has been using overnight but the main problem is when he is left alone at bedtime.

We tire him out with play on the run up to bed time, and he does his business outside just before we take him to his crate, and after about 20minutes staying with him he will finally settle and go to sleep. But this will last maybe 40minutes, and the moment he wakes up he screams and screams to the point I think he’s in real pain.

After half an hour of screaming last night I went downstairs and took him outside to toilet but he was whining even when outside and only did a very small wee. Took him back in and he screamed and screamed the moment I closed the kitchen door. Waited another half an hour or so and this blood-curdling screaming we just couldn’t handle it and I went down and ended up sleeping next to his crate for the rest of the night.

He kept jumping out of his crate to sleep with me even though I was literally right next to the crate. Finally I had both my hands in the crate to get him to sleep and slowly took my hands out throughout the night. The problem is that he’s sleeping Barry in his crate, at the very entrance and just doesn’t want to be inside it. We don’t close the crate door as our kitchen is really small so wanted to give him the roam of the room.

My question is: do we just try without the crate at night? He refuses to sleep in it during the day and whines when he’s in it at night. His screaming at night when he wakes up is just constant and doesn’t die down, if anything it gets louder the longer we leave it. The breeder said he was crate trained with a night light and white noise at night but none of this seems to make any difference.

Looking for any advice please!

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