At what point do I need to start thinking it’s an anxiety issue rather than a crating issue?

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8 month old plot hound/lab mix. She's an angel almost all of the time. We've had her for about three weeks now. The first two weeks were pretty easy because the schedule my wife and I had, there was always someone home with her. She was able to sleep either in bed with us at night, or on her dog bed on the floor. We live on a green way and she gets about five miles a day in exercise

We both had to return back to our full time work schedules this week though and things haven't been going so great. We've looked at the different crating threads on this sub, the wiki, etc. We've been trying to make it "her" home, feeding her in there, stuffed kong with frozen peanut butter, a blanket covering it, one of my shirts, etc. We ignore her when she whines and praise her with a reward treat when she does well.

She does great in short spurts, but anything longer than about 30 minutes that she has a complete melt down. Luckily I'm moving out of my apartment in just a few days so I'm not too concerned with the noise, but I want her to feel comfortable. I've got a trainer coming to see her next week but I wasn't sure if anyone had any idea to help mellow her out until then? I don't expect her to be crate trained over night I just feel like I haven't made any progress at all since starting.

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