At what age should you start training a puppy?

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I recently got a puppy, a shepherd and rat terrier mix, a couple of days ago. The people we got her from weren't in a good situation and had to rehome their puppies quickly. It wasn't until we got her that we found out she was only five and a half weeks old. She hit 6 weeks old today. I know that her age isn't ideal in the slightest.

She bites and nips constantly at everything. We've tried to start bite inhibition training, but she doesn't seem receptive to it at all. She gets overly excited and we've been trying to redirecting her to toys. Even when she's calm, she bites hard. I'm worried that she won't properly learn bite inhibition because she's not around her mom and other puppies right now. We plan on taking her to puppy socialization classes when she gets older and all of her shots.

What should my expectations be with training a puppy this age be? How can I be more proactive at stopping her behaviors?

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