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I think my 12 week old puppy is cute. But that seems to be the only good thing about him. I am trying to train him to sit, stay, lay down, come, and down. Not all at once of course. But during his training sessions he bites me! It makes me so angry. I know he's just being a dog. And I have toys to redirect, but if I play with the toy with him he chokes up on it until he bites me. If I let go of the toy, he does too, and bites me. If he's not biting me he swipes at me with his paws that have the sharpest claws ever attached.

He is almost 25 lbs and is a golden mix. So he's not small.

I am in tears after most sessions because my patience is gone by the end of it and I am sick and tired and frustrated with the biting. I can't do this. I've had thoughts of shoving him over or hitting him even though I never would. Ever. I hate that I have those thoughts. Which is why I'm here.

I can't do this. I can't have this dog if he keeps biting me and won't stop. He doesn't bite my husband. But he does try to bite the cat, I've had to rip him off the cat twice now, so they're never allowed in the same space ever again.

I don't want to keep him in his crate but i can't trust him more than 15 minutes outside it because he becomes a monster. I need help, so so much help. What do I do?

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