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I have a 6 month old neutered cattle dog/great pyre mix that we got at 8 weeks old. He has been a somewhat good dog for the time that we've had him. He knows how to sit, wait, lie down, leave it, and touch (to an extent) with about 60% accuracy which is only worsening. He doesn't seem to enjoy walks and pulls excessively, even with a front-clipping harness. He likes fetch but he wants to come in after less than 10 throws.

I have a camera that I can see him with during the day. He stays in a "safe room" which is just a short hallway with a door at one end and a baby gate at the other with a puppy pad and a water dish and some chew toys. 90% of the time he is sleeping when I look in on him. Today when I looked in on him, he had eaten a huge chunk out of the drywall.

I am a renter and I can't have him literally eating the house. He goes to doggy daycare 2-3 times a week plus he goes to my mom's house a couple of days, so it's not like he's not getting any stimulation. But sometimes, just like all dogs, he has to spend a day in his "crate." He gets walks and gets played with when we are home, plus a frozen kong and two different chew toys (nylabone and "wood" stick). He is pretty much done teething at this point.

I don't know what else I can do. My husband and I both work about 40 mins from home so we can't just come home — which is why he goes to daycare a couple of times. Like I said, I am at my limit. This is more my husband's dog than mine but I am the one stuck cleaning up after him and training him. I do not get any joy out of this dog.

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