At a loss with puppy meltdowns

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About three weeks ago we get our now 11 week old long haired miniature dachshund. She’s sweet and loving and has a great personality but I’m losing my mind and constantly on the verge of breakdown. It’s like none of my efforts with her make a difference. Crate training has been horrific! She screams and I mean screams not just yips and yaps and she never lets up. I have tried just letting her cry it out to no avail. I have slept on the floor next to her crate for several nights. I have tried giving her a Kong with frozen peanut butter and kibble. I have read all the blogs and followed their directions. At this point I’m not even concerned about her sleeping in the crate. I just need to be able to put her in there so I can leave the house for a few hours during the day. Everyday we work on the crate with positive reinforcement. Leaving her in there for just a few minutes and then coming back. It doesn’t get better! The crate is out in the main room and she will go in and hang out during the day willingly. But once she is closed in the meltdown ensues.

Today I put her in the crate for about ten minutes with two of her favorite toys so I could get a few things done. Before putting her in I brought her outside and gave her the opportunity to do her business (she wouldn’t). She had run around and I had played with her all morning. She melted down as soon as I put her in there. Ten minutes of listening to full on screaming and banging against the crate I came back to find out she had pooped and peed all over herself! This is not the first time she has done this. I’m at a loss! I don’t know what to do anymore! There are other stubborn behaviors that are driving me crazy but I feel like if we could just get the crate under control the rest would fall into place. Help me!

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