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This morning my 6 month old catahoula/lab mix woke me up per usual. I got up and took her outside and said go potty which has been the running routine for weeks now with no mess ups. Maybe it was to cold out side and she wasn't up for it but she returned to my room. I Was deleriously tired and thoguht well I guess she wants to sleep more and we got back in bed. This is when she popped a squat and peed literally on me and the bed.

I dont believe in or condone smacking pups, but in my delerious tired state and a knee jerk reaction, I did smack her once or twice. Not full blown hits but definitely smacked her with lots of NOOOOO. Almost as soon as I realized all of it I felt bad about doing it. She was skittish for about 20 mins and now she is back to being a loving pup. It was mid pee that I smacked her and I do think she got the point.

None the less, I'd like to hear everyones thoughts on the proper actions to take when something like this happens. I know I am just as much at fault for letting her back in before going potty. I let my anger get the best of me, which clouded my judgement, and unfortunelty my pup got the brunt of it.

She normally sleeps in my bed and has since I got her. She is crate trained though and i think I need her to sleep in there until I'm fully confident this will never happen again. She's never gone to the bathroom on anything but the floor in the few months ive had her. This was very out of routine and character for her.

anyway your thoughts for this would be appriciated. I apologize to the puppy101 community for taking harsh action on her too like i said i don't practice training like that and dont plan to ever do that again. It was the heat of the moment that made it happen for me.

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