Are we on the right nighttime potty training track?

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I have a 9 week old female cur/lab mix. We have been very adamant about crate training her for when we are gone and for nighttime. So far, she has never gone to the bathroom in her crate. For about a week now, she no longer throws a tantrum when we put her in her crate for bedtime. We take up her water 1-2 hours before bedtime. It seems that no matter what time we take her to bed though, she has to wake up around 5am for a potty break. Then, we put her back in her crate and she has a little tantrum for a few minutes but eventually, she quiets down and we’re able to get another hour or two of sleep before she’s up for the day. Does this sound normal or like we’re on the right track here? Any advice on how to get rid of the post-potty tantrum and get her quiet quicker so we can sleep just a little bit more? Thanks!

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