Are there dogs who just arent meant to go to the dog park?

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I'm starting to think that's the case for my dog.

I've tried to take him to the dog park a few times now, and Everytime he's in alert and won't get away from the area near the door. He looks intimidated by other dogs most of the time…

I don't know if I should keep trying or just accept he's a shy dog that isn't meant for places where there's more than 4 dogs at a time.

He does show interest seeing other dogs playing and running, and he does sniff politely at the dogs who come greet him but he seems super hesitant to approach them himself

He's done great two times, when there were up to 5 dogs Max in the dog park and he found a play buddy who loves to run like he does You can tell he has so much fun when that happens… But maybe he's just okay with less dogs and won't ever be confortable in large groups

Does anyone have a similar situation happen to your dog? Do you think there are dogs built for crowds and dogs who only have fun in smaller groups? Did you have a similar situation and kept trying? Did your dog change?

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