Are rugs important + how to convice parents to get a rug

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Hi. So we have a new 8 week pup in our family. Over the past 3 days I've noticed that he slips a lot, possibly due to the wood floors of our house. I've heard it's really bad for their joints, so I looked into getting rugs for our rooms. I've tried to convince my parents to get rugs, but they say they won't need them because the breeder said it won't really be necessary? And I'm confused because when I did research it said that anti-slip surfaces are recommended. I just don't understand why they'd listen so much to the breeder (I mean there's no bad in taking advice, but a vet is a more trustable source of info, isn't it?) instead of talking to a vet. They're also saying that he's not slipping when we've all seen multiple times he clearly is. Even his butt slips when he sits and I get so worried that it might affect his health in the long run. They keep telling me to stop worrying, but since I've seen things through research, I just want to make extra sure. I'm a teen and still live with my parents.. so I guess I don't have much of a say if they think it's unnecessary and they shut me off… I have saved up money that I'm willing to spend, but I'll be in trouble if I just go off and buy on my own.

So, I would like to get some help from all you experienced owners here. Are rugs really necessary?

If they continue to say no to rugs, what other options are out there?

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