Are my expectations for a 6 month old puppy too high? I’m at my wit’s end.

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I have a 6mo West Highland Terrier puppy, and he is the nippiest little dude you'll ever meet. I figured that with all the training I do, by 6 months he'd be seriously improved with the biting, but it's worse than ever. He can't play without biting, whenever I wear socks he tears into my feet as if they were toys, and he gets in these awful moods where he rapid fire bites me while humping me. I don't know if it's the terrier attitude, the fact that he has RAGING hormones right now and needs to either get laid or get neutered, or my failure as a dog mom. I've tried everything with consistency, redirection, leaving the room when he nips, treating him for chewing on appropriate things, etc. Has anyone else had this problem!?

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