Apartment potty training? Advice/tips/tricks!

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Hi, everyone! My female Chow Chow, 2 months and 6 days old, has been at home for 7 days now. I live in an apartment. Going potty is really problematic. I've been trying to teach her to go on the balcony, i've put 3 pee pads and some puppy trainer drops. She has peed there only 4 times. The rest are accidents at home. She alsways holds her pee and poo for so long, and whenever we have our night time crazy play session she just pees and poos there even tho i follow her constantly, say ,,no" if she's doing it and i take her on the balcony often, but she just doesn't like it there. Yesterday i left her in her crate (in my room beside my bed)(where she sleeps in during the night) for 15 mins max to go out and get some fresh air by myself and when i came back there was poop all over the crate floor, her blanket and one of her toys. She was scared. I cleaned the crate with some odor removing cleanser and she slept in there last night too. Maybe i went too fast there leaving her alone, but if i am in the other room and she hears me doing something, she is fine. I would love to take her out to potty, but she is not fully vaccinated and the vet said we should wait. Any advice on apartment potty training? Tips/tricks? I know it takes time and i have to be consistent, but i worry that she holds it for a while (she holds it throughout the night even if i take her potty on the pee pads and wait for her, she just doesn't do it) and it is not healthy for her.

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