Anyone else with female pup in first heat cycle?!

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I think my lurcher Zero is going into her first heat cycle. She is 6.5 months' old and her behaviour and listening skills have become very erratic. She was due to be spayed on 6 May but it's been delayed due to the C word.

This morning at 8am when I came down to let her out for breakfast and potty, her bed (which is inside her crate which is locked at night) was soaking. Like so soaking I think she must have peed on it more than once…

She has not had an accident inside since she was 16 weeks old and I find it odd that she didn't cry out in the night to tell us she needed the toilet, like she used to when she was younger.

There were also patches of thick white mucus on her bed. I called my vet as I was very concerned and he said "if she's otherwise well, this all seems like normal heat behaviour, but call me again if you spot blood in her urine or mucus".

It's now 2pm and she is acting completely normal, she is eating and drinking, she came on a long walk with me at lunch time and played fetch, she seems completely happy. She's had no further accidents inside.

I've washed her bed and sprayed the crate to get rid of the pee smell. Should I start setting alarms through the night again to get her up and peeing in the garden like when she was tiny, to avoid further accidents?

Any tips for my poor little blossoming lady would be amazing.

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