Anyone able to help me find Native American Dog Commands?

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Today, I spoke with my dog training mentor about training my dog a second language for its 'working commands'. Most people like to use German, but there's a variety of languages out there to use…

My dogs all have names that are Native American in origin, and they are all in reference to Alaskan cities or landmarks. With this in mind, I was hoping to use a Native American language, like Inuit or Cherokee or Blackfoot, as their second/working language.

I did some digging, and it seems that the idea has been proposed before, but I couldn't find many answers. All the dictionaries I found were very confusing to navigate or they lacked the right words. The best information I found was a video that taught a few dog commands in Blackfoot, but it only covered about 4 words or so.

I'm hoping to find a native speaker or anyone that can help me learn more dog training commands from one of their languages, I've always been fascinated by the culture, and would love to grow in my appreciation. A suggestion on which language would work best would also be very helpful. Any help with this would make me immensely grateful.

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and/or help me.

Commands I'd Like to Translate:










Go Look/Go Search



Focus/Pay Attention

Let Go/Drop

Leave it/Off



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