Any way to encourage a dog to be more "chill"/enjoy snuggles? Or strictly a personality thing?

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Our dog (3 year old male Cardigan Corgi) will NEVER just relax. He's always 'on.' Even if he's laying down, he's hyper alert and will get up at the merest sign of movement from either my wife or myself. He also enjoys being pet, but he can't seem to be pet without trying to make a game of it after like 10 seconds or so, and he can't seem to calm down enough to snuggle. He likes being close to us, but then it's like he gets himself excited and then won't just stay there, if that makes sense.

Any advice for these two issues? I understand it's likely mostly a personality deal, but I'm hoping that perhaps there are ways to encourage him to pick up calmer behavior habits – particularly because we are hoping to eventually get him certified as a therapy dog.

Side note: it's not an exercise-energy issue. He gets TONS of exercise daily. Still can't seem to settle in.

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