Any targeted tips to train an 8 week golden retriever to leave my 9 month old alone?

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We've had him for a few days now, and my crawling 9 month old is the weirdest looking golden retriever from Knox's litter he's ever seen.

The hair tastes so good. The ears are a delicacy. The feet are chicken nuggets!

I'm certainly not mad at Knox. And I don't blame him. But he's making it hard for me to spend quality time with my daughter without constantly gaurding her. We're trying to do a nap schedule where one of them is napping and the other isn't, but the baby naps less than the puppy, so theyre usually together.

He's picked up sit pretty quick, even with amature training efforts, although I can't promise it's consistent yet :p. But I'd really like to concentrate on how to make it to where Knox starts to learn to leave baby alone.

So far, he seems exceptionally good at knowing his toys. He hasn't cares about her dog looking toys yet. And whenever he starts to get into something he shouldnt I quickly grab one of his toys and redirect.

But what can I do, or study, or watch that will give me tips to leave something like a baby alone.

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