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Help my family and I hold onto whatever is left of our sanity pleaseee I have 2 dogs Charlie (5y, shihpoo) and Teddy (3y, King Charles cavalier/American Eskimo mix)

Charlie’s main issue for the last few months is continuous loud barking. My neighbors both got dogs recently and he is a highly anxious/aggressive because of the anxiety dog. I’ve tried the calming hemp brand treats from chewys, cbd oil, cbd treats basically nothing really calms him down. He’s also never bitten strangers but he does bite at home after some warning and is protective over food. Recently I’ve began trying to follow a strict feeding schedule for them and then putting the food away completely to help give them some structure and minimize the food protective habits. When I take him for walks he’s pretty ok outside surprisingly as opposed to at home.

Teddy on the other hand never has been anyone at home and I wouldn’t say has anxiety overall but he is anxious about new people/non direct family members. If people come towards him he’ll anxiously nip their toe (it’s very weird) and can be problematic outside. At home he doesn’t really bark and is pretty well behaved. He only barks when someone is unlocking the door out of excitement or when we’re leaving for a walk. Surprisingly he’s the one that’s more of an issue when we go outside!

Sorry for the very long post, I welcome any tips or advice or anything really! I’ve been struggling a lot with both but mainly Charlie because the continuous loud barking at home for hours on end is completely distressing. Thank you in advance 🖤🖤🖤

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