Any good advice for adopting a new puppy?

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I currently have a 10 month old Jack Russell and Saluki mix. I’m considering getting a new puppy from my local shelter sometime soon. Like I did with my 10 month old I’m going to foster first. My question is what things should I know and plan for in advance? I’m good on food, treats, water, potty pads in case they’re too young for walks, have enough toys but can always get new ones.

My 10 month old loves seeing new dogs when he’s outside and people in the neighborhood walk their dogs but he sometimes gets scared when a stranger dog barks at him. Should I avoid a specific breed or foster/adopt a puppy of a specific age ? The dogs who usually end up at my shelter are recently born. Mine wasn’t any more than 2 months old when I adopted him. The shelter covers all the medical treatments, depending on their age most of them are already done before anyone fosters or adopts.

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