Anxious adult dog won’t go to the bathroom outside anymore

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I've Googled and read a bunch of posts on this, but nothing seems to work. My dog for the past week just will not go to the bathroom, and I'm worried about the health problems it could cause. She has peed one time today – over 12 hours ago – and hasn't pooped in a couple of days. I should note that I've taken her to the vet, and they said she's medically fine.

Every time I take her out, she'll start pulling me back – hard – to the apartment. She's always been an anxious dog, but this is brand new behavior and I've had her for over 3 years. Nothing has changed in the past couple of weeks. When we're outside, she doesn't even pay attention to treats if I hold them in front of her nose. She just keeps trying to redirect me.

I've taken her through a couple of training courses. She's medicated. I just don't know what to do. I've taken her out probably 7-8 times today and she just won't go. Thank you for your help in advance.

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