Anxiety in a Catahoula

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My wife and I got Catahoula a couple of months ago and can't get his anxiety under control. He has horrible seperation anxiety to the point of my wife becomes afraid of the puppy when we come back home he gets so excited….

When we first got the dog we tried taking small trips and locking him in one of the bathrooms and go for short periods and try and stay longer and longer away to get him used to us being out of the house for a coupe of hours at a time but it has not worked.

Now we have tried crates, we have tried thunder shirts,my wife is looking into CBD oils….

We have spoken to our vet and he has suggested getting his energy out before we leave so that he is tired and can sleep but that has not helped….. Our vet has also suggested that after neutering it may calm him down.

Now he has become so attached to my wife (stay at home mom so home all day with him) that when we go for walks and he see's my wife in the distance he goes ballistic trying to get to her. As well as when I come home he gets SUPER excited, jumps at me, BARKS CONSTANTLY, and just all out ballistic.

The dog is great when we are at home and playing in the back yard, he's a great dog but his anxiety is just terrible….

does anyone have any further suggestions???

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