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My girlfriend and I currently have a 4 month old GSP, got her when she was 8 weeks and she has been a great puppy so far. GSP’s are super energetic and active which is what we love about her and we’re constantly always with her or doing some kind of activity with her.

We have come to a dilemma. We are thinking of adding another puppy because we love the idea of giving her a sibling and an adventure buddy for life. We decided that if we were going to get another puppy it would be a golden retriever. Would it be too soon to add a puppy in our current puppy’s life?

Our GSP is by FAR from being trained but we are very happy with where she is at, given her age. Our schedules are perfect for watching/raising a puppy so adding another one wouldn’t be too hard for us.

Is this a terrible idea? Would our GSP feel jealous or sad there is another puppy in the home? Would all of the training towards our GSP be ruined? I have so many questions so any experience or insight would be great. Thanks y’all.

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