Andy the Talking Hedgehog: the strange narrative behind the year’s least Oscar-worthy cinema

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When Tara Reid tweeted the posting for her recent cinema, the internet accepted it was a prank. But the truth is a lot more singular, and shines a light on modern low-budget moviemaking

No journalist likes to admit this, but I recently blew a scoop. Last month I had to interview Tara Reid about Sharknado 5. I’d planned to ask her about some of her upcoming capacities- in movies with deeds such as Party Bus to Hell, United Colouring of Bennett Song and Andy the Talking Hedgehog– but before I could get there, Reid cut me off with what chimed like a well-practised wrap-up addres.

That was fine; she’d wasted most of the interview revealing that she’s been the victim of bullying, so it would have appeared atrociou to directly follow that up with a sneery” Hey Tara, tell me about your dumb hedgehog movie “. But now Andy the Talking Hedgehog is one of the hottest movies on the planet, and I’m kicking myself a little.

Tara Reid (@ TaraReid)

Also another movie I have coming out. #andythetalkinghedgehog 0AQpYz7w8L

September 8, 2017

When Reid tweeted the Andy the Talking Hedgehog posting on Friday, the internet became seeds. That was partly because the sign boasted a hedgehog, two cats, Dean Cain, Tara Reid’s Twitter profile pic manipulated to seem slightly more healthful and an unattributed quote announcing it” a mystical good time “. But it was also because the IMDb plot summary for the film read” Tara Reid draws her Oscar award-winning prowess to this documentary about a hedgehog that Dean Cain farted on granting it the ability to talk. It’s a fun-loving lineage movie that they are able to for sure manufacture you say ” WOWZA. That’s a stinky fart !”‘ That summary, incidentally, shall be assigned to Scott Baio.

Obviously, like the rest of the world, I urgently wanted to know the narrative behind Andy the Talking Hedgehog. Although we can rule in the summary as good-for-nothing more than internet high jinks, it would appear that the cinema is real. Back in November actress Maria Wasikowski tweeted a photo from the Andy the Talking Hedgehog prepared, alongside Dean Cain and, a few months afterwards, Tara Reid Instagrammed a shot of her character, Fairy BFF.

The production company listed on the film’s IMDb page is Be Your Own Hollywood. Alongside Andy the Talking Hedgehog, it has 10 movies in its filmography. These include Baby Bulldog( a movie about a girl who are interested a puppy, starring Dean Cain and Tara Reid ), A Dog for Christmas( a film about a girl who are interested a puppy, starring Dean Cain and Dustin Diamond ), Amanda and the Fox( a movie about a girl who are interested a puppy , not starring Dean Cain ), two different films about mares( just one of which virtuosoes Dean Cain) and A Parent’s Worst Nightmare( a drama about child fornication trafficking, starring Dean Cain ).

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare formed my road into the machinations of Be Your Own Hollywood. Some light Googling revealed both a trailer, is adopted by footage of Dean Cain talking into his phone, and an Indiegogo page that successfully funded its $10,000 target, possibly because it offered the responsibilities of the” Dean Cain’s bride” as a reward for donations.

The Indiegogo page was created by Joel Paul Reisig, the film’s head. And it is suggested that Reisig is the mastermind behind Be Your Own Hollywood. He’s a 33 -year-old self-taught Michigan native who writes, sets and produces an impressive number of movies each year. He matches his film-making job with a series of $395 two-day forums on how to write, grow, store and distribute movies. These workshops might also double as a story-finding strategy, since in 2012 he produced a film called Mary’s Buttons, which was written by a meeting attendee.

According to IMDb, Reisig is also a boxer, a member of the Libertarian Party and he formerly scored 150 on an IQ test. He has not responded to requests for an interview.

Aside from puppies and Dean Cain, the Be Your Own Hollywood films all have one thing in common; they’re inexpensive category movies churned out specifically to exchange to cable canals and streaming services. They won’t triumph any accolades, but they probably make money and formation dependable work for a number of performers who might otherwise struggle. They’re also produced in a very modern room- financed under crowdfunding, promoted through social media- that would have been unthinkable even ten years ago. Reisig realized an opening and disappeared for it, and you can’t deny him that.

As for Andy the Talking Hedgehog , no liberation appointment has been announced. However, its spiritual cousin might be a real cinema that Reisig caused last year, entitled Arlo the Burping Pig. If the trailer is any show, Arlo the Burping Pig is about a pig that can belching so hard that peoples’ hats fall off. If Andy the Talking Hedgehog is anything like Arlo the Burping Pig, you can pretty much counting me in.

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