An effective walking harness for dog w/a very weak trachea.

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Topic kind of says it all. It isn't that she's even pulling very hard. She seemingly has a progressively weak trachea. Walking her with a collar is completely out of the question.2 vets have inspected and found there to be no blockages or difficulty for her to breath.She's 4 now, and training has us at a stage where she's listening and able to walk fairly well with a reminder or two, but the introduction of a new dog into our house has us all walking as a group with 2 dogs, 1 a learning puppy, and it feels like we've been put back a few years in progress :DIn fact, training a new dog really brought renewed awareness as to how she really does have such a weakness in this area as the puppy has absolutely no issues whatsoever.

We've tried many different harnesses.The most effective was of course a gentle leader style muzzle harness, but it makes her a very different dog, and aggressive to other dogs while wearing it. It did however work, completely.

Currently on a 4th harness attempt. The rear attachments make her pull harder, and front, while twisting and helping to maintain awareness of where she is, cause more choking; even the ones that cover her whole chest. They still seem to buckle and pinch at some point across her airway. She's a Jindo-mix breed without the large chest real estate of some breeds.

Is there anything recommended for a medium/large breed that is super re-enforced across the whole chest, or attaches in some unique way I can't figure out?

Really, just trying to help her have a nicer time.

Thanks in advance.

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