‘American Horror Story’ Finally Confirms Whether Or Not Lady Gaga Is In Season 7

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Puppies and kittens playing together. Nachos. The musical stylings of Carly Rae Jepsen.

None of these have anything to do with what is written below, I just wanted to send good thinks your behavior before I tell you has confirmed Lady Gaga “isnt gonna be” recalling for the upcoming season of .~ ATAGEND

That’s right. Despite recent rumors that have suggested otherwise, Mother Monster was formally be reverting for Season 7 of our favorite twisted and sadistictelevision series.

Recently, an love account on Twitter got the attention of the show’s followers and little beings alike when it tweeted a photo of an allegedly leaked article approving Gaga’s part in the upcoming season.

The article supposed,

[ Gaga will] return for the purposes of an undisclosed role in the election-themed 2017 series set to introduction in September.

Gaga’s roles in Season 5 as The Countess and Season 6 as the OG supreme were stunning. Like, Golden Globe amazing. So, of course, the excitement taken away from quite quickly as people started wondering what her new capacity might be in the election-themed forthcoming season.

Sadly, though, we were alllet down to find out the rumors were not true, and Gaga will not be vying for another Globe for this year’s cycle.

The rumor was repudiated after director Ryan Murphy uploaded a brand-new teaser for Season 7 to his Instagram with the caption AHS SEASON 7 clue: ambidexterity.

And, while we can’t was expecting Gaga dive late into a new sinister reputation this season, we will definitely insure our faves Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Cheyenne Jackson take on new capacities, which is consoling enough for now.

This is sad, yes, but can we really accuse Mother Monster? I intend, she’s super busy proposing a tour, filming a movie, and discounting our many requests for a music video for The Cure. Maybe Ryan Murphy can make it up to us by getting Jessica Lange back?

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