Amazon reviewers dislike ‘Air Bud’ movies with undying infatuation

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We all have keepsakes from childhood. For some its a grandmothers locket; others safeguard a thrust animal or a special blanket with their refer sewed into the cloth. But for most of us, the treasure is simpler, humblerand yet more magical.

For most American twentysomethings, childhood is wrapped up in the film Air Bud and its ensuing dealership of sequels, prequels, and spinoffs. Whether it was the O.G. Air Budthe first epic in which we together realised that aint no principle responds a pup cant romp basketballor any of the brilliantly titled cinemas that followed, including the football epic Air Bud: Golden Receiver, the baseball thrill-ride Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch , or any of the carefully plotted Air Buddies films, such as the self-explanatory Snow Buddies, Space Buddies, or Super Buddies , we as an gathering were all-fucking-in.

But it seems not everyone has continued the faith referring straight-to-video movies about bird-dogs playing athletics. Theres been a batch of seething, one-star reviews of the various movies on Amazon, and we here at the Daily Dot are mystified and disheartened. And we want explanations.


For starters, Amazon user lmichaelscott has this to say about Air Bud : Please just imagine if you were Fernfield basketball player that lost his job to a golden retriever. I necessitate, maybe a border collie, but “if youre trying to” to speculate a hound off the street shoots about 70% from the field? Another user who chose to comment anonymously( have the heroism to refer yourself, detractor !) announced simply, Even innocent little kids will be terrified by this one. One mans inspiration is another mans horror.

In S Mcqueens single and merely Amazon review, he or she claims that the foremost flaw in Golden Receiver is that Dogs do not play football people play football. I think this movie is scorning those young players went on to say that “A dog can play plays better then you, so dispense with you failure.


In re-examine World Pup , Amazon user Vinny confusingly obliges the claim that it is not really the best movie. I’ve envisioned it but then I stopped watching it forever and ever. I’m not really into soccer movies. Not into soccer movies, Vinny? Are you too not into friendship, animals, occult, or the heart-wrenching strive between sort and aspiration? Or perhaps you, like Sisyphus, simply any objections to any undertaking that lasts forever and ever, BUT NO ONE IS ASKING YOU TO WATCH IT FOREVER, VINNY. Everyone gets Bud fatigue now and then.


In his or her one-star review of Snow Buddies , syrgal perplexingly wrote exclusively super, and a number of reviewers complained that in Santa Buddies , progenies are filmed praying to Santa. As 4girlymom writes, It never mentions the real ground( our Savior’s birth) for Christmas, but has children praying to Santa. Children are drawn in by the cute bird-dogs … Even Santa is reduced to a hopeless weakling without the superpower of a dog.


Real vitriol. We have to wonder, thoughare these beings not misunderstanding the minds of the Air Bud? Isnt the lesson were meant to take away from Buddy and his progeny that rules are made to be broken, accounts shattered, and hopes withstood? If the Air Bud movies were intended to be unexceptional, theyd never have caught our attention in the first place. Theyd be about a puppy who cant play-act basketball.

That film is called My Dog Skip , and it is fucking heartbreaking.

Conclusion? Air Bud haters simply had not yet been chamber in their centers for think. Or object to the deification of Santa Claus. Maybe half and half.

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