Amazon May Have Just Leaked Major iPhone 7 Spoiler Ahead Of Apple’s Reveal

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Amazon may have just inadvertently broke Apples large-scale reveal.

The tech giant has only one annual discussion each year to disclose their new products.

Apple builds up a ton of hype over what products will come out in their annual disclose phenomenon. They aim to make it a huge unveiling that will get everybody pumped up to buy a new laptop or smart phone or whatever it might be.

Except that the new products are normally some of the most difficult kept secrets in the technology macrocosm even though it is still recreation to check what Apple comes up with next.

But this year, techs worst preserve secret got a little looser.

It is felt that Amazon inadvertently( maybe) spoiled Apples reveal.

In the hour before Apple started their annual phenomenon, Amazon posted a page apparently showing likenessfor the new Apple products.

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