Shades such as "Environment-friendly" stated in the video describe the soft tinted yarn we played around on every one to determine them up until they got names from their brand-new owners. This video just reveals the 1st birth. Please see parts 2 and also 3 for the various other 4 births!
After that see all 8 videos, from birth with 9 weeks.
This is the 1st of 8 video clips of 5 charming Maltese young puppies from birth to 9 weeks old. These puppies were born upon January 19th 2005. Visit Muffins Facebook page at:

Pets birth behaviors are related to wolfs because canines were tamed from the grey wolf hundreds of years earlier. In the wild – female wolves consume the newborn's placenta which provides a valuable meal when she is incapable to search while taking care of her puppies! The mom will certainly clean up the dogs by licking which stimulates them to pee and defecate by licking the genital area. She ingests all of their dischargings, maintaining the den tidy and also odorless. More regarding wolf pups

View a pregnant dog, expecting 5 pups, in labor give birth throughout welping!!! This pet birth and also growth of this Maltese breed resembles all canines.

35 thoughts on “AMAZING DOG BIRTH!!

  1. Shadow Absol

    My dog just gave birth to a litter of four. It was so cute! But, one nearly
    didn’t make it. She was breached, but she survived.

    1. Lisa Bluemel

      Z Hancox no not even close dogs are completely equipped to handle a birth
      without the help of anyone we do not eat our bag of water or are placenta
      for nutrients to breastfeed they completely clean and then they nurse their
      pups chew off the umbilical cords which we do not do neither doesn’t nurse
      and hospitals don’t treat both correctly anyways I have had both Hospital
      birth and home birth my Hospital birth ended up with my child having a
      broken collarbone because the nurse quote unquote decided to assist and sit
      on my stomach and broke my child’s collarbone my home birth was a complete
      opposite experience and was not interfering with a much more peaceful birth
      that definitely does not need the interference of anybody cleaning the cull
      off of the pups and they need to be left to the nusre as their naturally
      instinctively born to

    2. Z Hancox

      +Lisa Bluemel Your individual experience doesn’t mean that assisting
      someone or an animal in giving birth is a bad thing. Obviously the dog
      doesn’t need the help, but it makes it easier on her to have the owner
      clean the puppy off and make sure it is as comfortable as possible.

    3. Lisa Bluemel

      Z Hancox its pretty evident the mother wants her pups..good luck with yur
      feelings but medically its not the best idea

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