Am I hurting my puppy by letting him hold for all night?

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I have a 12 weeks old Keeshond puppy. I had him for 3 weeks now. At first he had available water alll day all night but that resulted in wet pen( I keep him in 8-pen instead of crate, he loved that pen since day one so crate was not needed), because I did not wake up on time.

After that I read that you should take away water from puppy 3 hours before night. I did that, and set 2 alarm on night for potty, so my timeline looks like this.

7-8 pm we take away water from him 9:30 pm last potty 10 pm sleep time 2 am (started from 1 am and then stretched because no accidents) potty 5: 30 am potty

Yesterday my 2:30 alarm did not worked, because i didn’t charge my phone enough. I woke up by myself around 4:30 and saw that my pen was clean, no accidents, my doggy was sleeping, no whining. I took him outside and then back to sleep.

I thought, maybe I should check if he can hold till 5:30 and today he did. Same situation, no whining althrought the night (he likes pen very much so he whines much before soiling in). Quick potty at 5:30, both pee and poo.

I thought “boy that’s nice, I don’t have to wake up at night anymore”, but is this healthy to let him hold for so long at that age?

Maybe I should start letting him have water at night and stick to 2:30 5:30 potty than take water away and let him hold for 8 hours?

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