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Am I doing it right? Can anyone help… I have had my puppy for 10 weeks and she is honestly so great. Sleeping right through the night, naps in her crate perfectly, hardly ever goes potty in the house. Learned all her tricks and is so chill. I spend loads of time with my puppy I am working from home until maybe next year and we have been leaving her in the house for about an hour at a time and she is honestly no bother. She barks a bit at first but then settles right away. I am 21 and obviously I am wanting to go out all the time but I am happy to take her places the restaurants or walks on the beach but I feel like I’m not giving her enough. My fam and I take turns looking after her but I feel like we could be doing more for her and sometimes I still get a sickly feeling like she isn’t mine and I shouldn’t have her. I had puppy blues at the start and I know these aren’t them because I loge her so much. I just feel so tied to her all the time and have to give her so much time and effort.

Ant advice about how I’m feeling?

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