All Pups this ‘Lazy’?

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I have a 7mo old puppy who actually spends most of the day chilling out/sleeping/chewing on what I gave her. She almost never gets walks, though she is taken on a front yard meander for sniffing every time we go potty. (I don't need to hear I'm a terrible person for not taking her for walks. I have several illnesses that make it both dangerous for me and impossible most days of the week. We play tug and fetch in the house a couple days a week.) She is regularly taken to the vet for check-ups and I am the type of neurotic person who will take her if I feel anything is off. We don't have any behavior issues besides her occasionally going a little too hard while playing bitey bitey face with our 8yo dog and she immediately stops when told. She is a service dog canditate transitioning to SDiT with a recognized service dog training program that works with owner trainers so we often practice/do training in the house/out and about in public when my health permits.

Is it normal for a puppy to be this 'lazy'? Or did I just hit the jackpot? Anybody else have a chill pup at home? Her breed mix is (we believe) border collie/Aussie/beagle/lab/Staffordshire pit.

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