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Now ive had my dog Bentley for about 2 years now. I got him when he was about 9 months old, adopted him from a friend of a friend. He's always been the sweetest, laziest little guy ever. I decided not to get him neutered because aside from some mild initial humping, (that he would stop as soon as i would tell him to stop) i havent had any problems with him. Maybe this is a testosterone thing?

I moved in with my girlfriend about two months ago and she has a girl dog of the same age, Mo. Shes a bit more rambunctious but also a total sweetheart. Has alot of anxiety though, like stress barking and freaks out at bicycles. The two dogs have always gotten along like two peas in a pod. It really surprised both of us just how much they love each other. They met earlier in our relationship and would always have play dates, as wed have a lot of dates at the dog park, or dog friendly places.

However as time went on they both have become more aggressive towards other dogs and people. They bark at neighbors and other dogs pretty aggressively. Are they protecting each other? Have they gotten more territorial? Its embarrassing when people try to pet Bentley and he snaps at them. Hes done a bit of a 180 on me. Mo has gotten significantly more aggressive towards outsiders as well.

They seem to be as happy as ever with each other and my girlfriend and i. Never any spats between the two (although they were quite common at first when they were getting used to living with each other and sharing spaces/toys). Now they even will eat out of each others food bowl sometimes!

I was hoping for some insight here. There are some local dog trainers that im gonna have come over when i have the spare cash but until then what do i do? Neither of them listens too well anymore either. The constant barking at every little thing that moves stresses us both out so much and we just want them to be calm like before. We walk them 3-4 times a day because we live in an apartment so it sucks trying to avoid busy streets. We haven't taken then to the park in a while either because we know it will just be a mess.

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