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Hi. I have four dogs: Paynter is a 9 year old male Belgian Shepherd/GSD mix who is intense but sweet, Saber is a male 3 year old GSD with a very soft personality, Jinjur is a female 3 year old Aussie who thinks she needs to oversee everything, and Cooper is a 1year old male Aussie who is a bit of a wild man and fearless. All dogs are neutered.

So Paynter used to be fence reactive to other dogs. He really isn’t anymore. But it scared my wife and she would yell at him and get worried when our neighbor’s dog used to start barking and set Paynter off. He is a 90 pound boy and she knew she couldn’t control him and I think that was the problem. But Paynter is a sweetheart to other dogs when not behind a fence and is always good with people.

Paynter isn’t my problem. Jinjur is the problem. Cooper, who is a pup, sometimes tries to argue with Paynter. It is all yelling , no biting, just a pup trying to prove he is the boss. Paynter NEVER fights the puppy. He might grumble but he turns away. But Jinjur freaks out when this happens and attacks Paynter! Saber joins her because he always follows her lead and poor Paynter is just mobbed.

I think Jinjur believes she is protecting the puppy. But she is completely overreacting. When she isn’t involved, Paynter turns away, Cooper stops being an asshole, and soon Cooper goes to Paynter and licks the side of Paynter’s mouth and all is fine. She escalates everything and I don’t know how to teach her that she doesn’t need to intervene, I am always on top of any dog disagreement and calmly separate them (it’s always the puppy…sigh).

How do I teach Jinjur and her buddy Saber to let me handle things? They are all four great, smart dogs. Cooper just has the most gung-ho bulldog personality I’ve ever seen in one of my dogs. He runs THROUGH things not around them, lol. And he isn’t a bit afraid of a brother who outweighs him 2 to 1. He’s lucky that Paynter really isn’t a dog who wants to fight!

How do I teach my worry-wart bossy Aussie Jinjur to stand down? Any hints?

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