Aggressive puppy with table scraps

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Hi! We have ourselves a 4 month old basset hound who we love. He's nippy still, but overall a good pup. The only real problem I've had with him is him getting to dropped food. We have a toddler, who we only feed in a high chair now. She sometimes drops food, and our pup just GOES after it like nobody's business! I've never seen a dog act so desperate for food before. Hes well fed in general, so hes not starving. And every time he gets scraps, he gets diarrhea, so I really try and prevent it. When I go to get whatever food from him that he managed to get, he goes maniac! Growling, snapping, etc. I haven't gotten bit yet, by the grace of God. I'm not sure how to handle this behavior. I dont want to just let him eat the food every time it drops, or he will gain weight and get diarrhea. But I also dont want him seriously hurting anyone trying to retrieve dropped food from the ground.

Also, he's not food aggressive at all with his kibble or treats.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!!

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