Aggressive dog: Towards the breaking point of having to find her a new home

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We have a gorgeous basset hound for 5 years now, and since the beginning she has been aggressive. Her issues: Resource guarding, and fear aggression.

We got a good handle of her the past couple years, however the past 6 weeks have been difficult as we have had work in our backyard. This meant they spent time locked inside instead of in the yard. And since this has started, the aggression has gotten worse than it has in the past.

She, unprovoked, has been attacking the dachshund (whom is incredibly submissive) very frequently. These two were raised together before we got them. Everything in the house has become a resource to fight for: water, dog bed, being closer to humans, etc. Out daschund is so fearful of her now, that she pees on herself when we try to get her outside with the basset hound. We also have a beagle, but the basset will only attack him infrequently and only for food related items. She also has picked up with getting aggressive to our cats, however these are less frequent as the cats avoid her.

The past couple of days, she second she sees the dacshund, she gets overly interested and tries to snap at us when we intervene in her amping up to attack the dacshund.

We are at our wits ends: We were able to handle the food aggression, however these unprovoked attacks on our most sweet, unaggressive dog is hard. She seems fixated to always attack the dashund. We are to the point where we will have to find a new home with her, or put her down.

We would love advice on how to help her, we dont want her to leave us. We are always a family that our dogs stay with us for the rest of their lives, its heartbreaking feeling like a failure with her regression lately.

Any tips help: We currently have her sit to wait for food, sit to come into the house and sit to go outside. Dont allow her on the couch when she is being aggressive.

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