Aggressive Dog, I don’t know what to do.

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So my pup is a Male, 2.5 year old Lab/GWP mix. He’s about 50 pounds and has a history of trouble with aggression towards dogs and at one point a person.

We had our first incident about 9 months ago – my roommate’s dog and him never got along great, but once, seemingly unprovoked, my dog attacked the other, tearing the ear very badly. This scared me but I figured it was due to his not getting along with the other dog. I was at a loss and haven’t taken him around parks since then.

The next incident was about a month later, my girlfriend’s friend came over and we were just hanging out, when my dog quietly walked over, but her leg, then ran away. He punctured her leg once and that was it.

After there there were a couple situations where he and my sister’s Great Dane mix got into it. Both times dog but the other on it’s face. They were playing in both occasions.

Finally, the thing that scared me the most is he attacked my parent’s 5 y/o Rhodesian. He not only bit her on the neck, but after he stopped that, he went back and bit her again on the side, puncturing her a little bit.

I know it seems like he’s a terrible, violent dog, but in reality he is incredibly sweet and loving. The other dogs he is around is an old Jack Russel Mix and a Corgi, with play dates with my Girlfriend’s dog, a Great Pyrenees/husky mix around the same age. He has never attacked any of them, and only showed aggression towards the husky mix once when she stepped on him.

I’m already going to a trainer and have realized he will have to be muzzled in most public situations. But what can I do to make sure he doesn’t bite anymore? When he bit other dogs he always put himself on top of them, I think he’s trying to show dominance?

If I left anything out please let me know. I don’t want to have to do anything drastic someday.

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