Aggressive behavior towards neighbors dog and kids

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Hey everyone my first post here and a rather unfortunate one.
So my dog is a 3 yo Dane and ridgeback mix. He is literally the sweetest boy alive. I've had him from a young age and have raised him well. He was an obedient, happy, loving and goofy pup. We are very connected and have been through a lot of adventures together.

In the recent 1.5 years, I have been very busy and sometimes leaving him for extended periods of time. (army, jobs, etc) The longest I've been absent from him is around 5 months in total. This was very hard for me but life has obligations. In the meantime, I used to leave him at my parent's house in the countryside. My parents live in a very relaxed and free place, where they have many parks and broad areas, and a lot of people walk with their dogs off-leash. It's kind of the norm there. I'll point out that also my dog has been off leash ALOT in this place and I thought it affected him positively.

So about a month ago my dog and the neighbour's dog had an incident. Now is the time to point out that my neighbour's dog is a stray that has been adopted from the street and had a rough past apparently. He took a lot of time to get adapted to living with his new family and kept an aggressive manner all throughout. Howling at his owners, not letting them touch him and being aggressive and territorial towards other dogs. So anyway, one day I hear a racket nearby and I find out that both of them are going at each other. I don't really know what happened, but ever since then, my dog HATES the other one. Now, I don't mind him not liking another dog but here is when it becomes problematic for me:

Whenever he sees that dog he is FURIOUS , growling, pulling and barking. No orders are being heard and no commands followed. He just goes nuts. But the worst part of it all is – whenever my neighbor's kids go by the block he barks at them and EVEN runs after them scaring them away. This behaviour of him really shocked me and made me very stressed about him. I know for a fact that my dog will never bite a human, he was trained and never showed any kind of aggression. But chasing after kids and fighting on sight with another dog? Unacceptable.

I would love some input as to the course of action I should take on this. I really love my dog and don't want these aggressive behaviours to continue.

Some additional info :

they are both male

My parents have a 6 yo pincher in the house as well, who is very obnoxious, barks all the time and just generally a dog with no manners at all.

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