Aggression Issue with Young Dog

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My gf and I adopted a male pit/collie mix puppy (3 months old) from the SPCA about a year ago and for the most part he's been awesome. In the last two months, he's started to show aggression towards some dogs at somewhat random and unpredictable times. Typically this happens when he's in a large group of dogs and towards the end of the day or when another dog tries to grab a stick out of his mouth. He doesn't show any aggression 99% of the time, but the three occasions where he's gotten into an altercation with a dog, once drawing blood, has us concerned.

We would like to find a way to work on this with him on this but we don't really know how to do so in a way that's safe for him and other dogs. We're considering taking him to a behavior specialist but the ones that we've spoken to are quite expensive so I'm looking for some other things we can try before spending the money.

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