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My puppy (about 11-12 weeks) had been with us for a little over 3 weeks and has been making great strides in the past few weeks. His potty training was better and picking up tricks quickly when in training time. Going in his crate easily with a kong or treats and passing out after

He definitely plays rough and bites a lot though but it never has seemed overly aggressive, he does break skin though sometimes but never any growling, prolonged stares, teeth showing, just gets so into it and wants to play rough and mistakes hands toes and hair for toys.

He met my parents 8 year old dog last weekend and he was lunging, barking, and snapping at him. Again, tail wagging, no growling or other aggressive signs. Wondering if it was just overstimulating bringing him to another dogs home?

Anyways real issue is he went for his second vaccination today and he is still underweight due to roundworms and now a tapeworm was discovered.

He has taken multiple dewormers in past 24 hours and also vaccines. Tonight after vet he became extremely food aggressive and bit my bf when he tried to help him with the new food and reach in to help mash it up more( brand new prescription food to help with weight gain) then later when chewing on an edible bone toy he again became very aggressive. He has never shown this before, normally I can grab him, take anything out of his mouth, pick him up while eating a bone, he even brings them to my lap top chew often. Tonight though it was bad, teeth showing, deep growl and an actual snap that broke skin, outside of play biting that is never a snap. He also peed multiple times inside today and has peed anytime a guest has come over, over past 24 hours (excited pee it appears) again new behavior

What do I do? We want to socialize and train but can’t take him to group classes until all his worms are gone.

He also has become super whiney in crate over past few days when he has always settled quickly and fallen asleep within 10 minutes tops of going in. The vet said all looked good besides worms but now I’m very worried about all these things going on over past few days. I was just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of potty training and thinking his health had improved. he was doing so good with other things we were really focusing on bite inhibition and now I don’t even know what to do. I’m worried he’s becoming aggressive or maybe he’s just sick or in pain? This is my first puppy as an adult and I’m just so worried, please any advice anyone has I’m so worried for this little guy.

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