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I have two dogs who are both about 2 years old. I have had them both since they were 8 weeks and they are two months apart. The first one is friendly, happy, and very social. The second one is definitely more anxious and when we introduced her into the house we immediately noticed that she snarled at my other dog when she got too close. As time went by they ended up getting along very well and I socialized them both at dog parks and they got on well with other dogs. The younger of the two does have separation anxiety as well and has real issues when we leave for work peeing/escaping/barking/destroying things when she escapes her crate. She has her moments when she still snarls at her sister but they mostly get along and even cuddle together at night to sleep. This weekend, I took them away to a friends cottage and the younger ones behaviour worsened so much. She snarled/lunged for/hissed/and got otherwise generally aggressive with her sister every time she walked by her. Sometimes she would even seek her out to do this/block her from getting food and then do this when she tried to pass her to eat. It was so bad I was constantly intervening and could not even enjoy myself. She’s been to the cottage before and been out to visit family too and we have NEVER had this issue. What do I do? And how do I handle it in the moment when she’s snarling and hissing and ready to attack? I don’t want my other dog to get injured but I also don’t want to do anything to make this issue worse. Thanks in advance!

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