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He was amazing!!

He’s fully vaccinated as of a week or so ago, and so I decided to take him to the store because I needed to pick up some more dog food for my other dog. We’ve been leash training recently, which he hasn’t loved, and we’ve been working on his regular training, which has also been a hassle.

But when we went into the dog store, he was an angel!! He stayed by my side the whole time, and only pulled on the leash once! I even took him for a lap around the store to see if it was just the short time frame, but we even walked past a puppy obedience class where a few dogs were tugging on their leash and barking to get to him. He saw them and I thought he was going to lunge on the leash, but instead he just kept walking!

And when another dog actually wanted to play with him, I put him into a sit position and he sat there happily wagging his tail and waiting for me to release him. One of the workers even commented on how he was so well-behaved! He’s never been this well-behaved before all at once, and I showered him with praise when we got into the car. Wish I had a treat to give him there, but he got a few when he got home 🙂

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