Advice on puppy blues?

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Hey everybody! I need some help here … similar to many others posting on this site I have, what i feel, an extreme case of the puppy blues. We've only had her a week and she's not even that bad behaved of a puppy (which almost makes me feel worse about having puppy blues). I'm spending all of my time with her and my boyfriend works during the day. I try to nap when she does to stay sane but honestly.. I regret getting her. I've always known puppies were tons of work which then means my boyfriend and I won't be able to spend time like we used to but I guess I just didn't fully think it through. We aren't going to get rid of her or anything, we're going to stick with it and hopefully get a great dog out of her!

I guess what I'm asking is what is everybody else's experience in this area? How long did it take for your puppy blues to reduce? And what's some advice on what to do until the blues disappear?

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