Advice on improving my dogs’ first impressions?

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I have two dogs, Isis (7rs old, female, 50 pounds, mutt) and Cleo (2yrs, f, 15lbs, Norfolk Terrier). To get this out of the way, Isis was named after the Egyptian goddess, and not after the terrorist organization. I get asked that a lot.

Both dogs on their own are very calm when meeting new dogs at the park. We usually let both of them off leash, because when they are on the leash they usually become more aggressive. Today we took them to the park and Cleo was socializing well while I played with Isis with a ball. The problem is, when Cleo sees a new dog that arrives, she will run over (she loves all dogs and people). This is fine until Isis joins her. When they both reach the dog at the same time, they suddenly become extremely aggressive. Cleo, possibly because she is a terrier, starts barking really loud and nipping, while Isis also barks, and her bark can be scary as it's pretty deep and loud. I know for a fact that neither dog ever actually bites another dog, but it can be scary for the other dog's owner and it's difficult to calm them down. Additionally, once this crazy greeting is over, the 3 of them can always play very nicely together. So basically, this is a long winded way of asking, how can I train my dogs to have better first impressions?

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