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So I have a 13 week white German Shepherd/ lab mix, and I’m having two big issues. The first is his continued barking when he is put in his crate and I leave. I’ve tried a few things, when I have to leave around a meal time I give him a Kong full right before I step out the door and that does seem to help. However when it’s not a meal time, treats tend to give me about a minute before the barking starts. I’ve also tried “quiet training” where I’ll put him in the crate, exit my apartment, and after various durations I re-enter. If he’s been noisy I ignore him and leave again. If he’s been quiet I’ll praise him and give him a treat. But it does not seem to be working.

The second issue is that when I return after a while, he is exhibiting signs of boredom by pulling the covering blanket into the crate, and for the past two days has been destroying the puppy pads I have down for him. He has chew toys and a few regular toys available to him, but I have no ideas on what to do with this. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your replies.

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