Advice: my 8 month old Australian Cattle dog is showing some aggression at bedtime.

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Hello all! Another request for help here. So my 8 month old puppy is starting to develop a few annoying and alarming habits. At night, our normal routine is as follows: at about 9:30, she gets put in the kitchen by herself, and has a final snack of frozen pumpkin in a long you to help her wind down. Then at about 10, I take her out for a final pee, and then into her kennel she goes. Here's the issues: she's started becoming very reluctant to walk down the stairs by herself, won't respond to me calling her down the stairs, and will stand in the yard like a baby giraffe acting like I've never taken her outside in the dark a day in her life, and she refuses to pee for like 15 minutes. Then when it's time to go back up the stairs, she will stand at the bottom of the stairs like she doesn't know what stairs are. Then, we get up the stairs after much coaxing, and it's time to go in the kennel. She lays down and plays limp noodle. Here's where I have serious issues. He you try to stand her up, or touch her, she snarls and tries to bite. Last night she put her teeth on my wrist, but didn't apply any pressure. That nose was wrinkled up though. Y'all, it's a process. If feels like I'm putting a cranky toddler to sleep, but this one bites. I've tried making her kennel a nice place. She gets treats when she goes in, has a blanket and toys, it's cave-like, and she gets peace and quiet. This has been going on for about two months. I certainly don't want to hurt or hit her, but biting because you don't want to go in your kennel is 100% NOT OKAY. Any advice on how to change this behavior bus greatly appreciated!

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