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My Pomeranian is the love of my life, but my god he lifts his leg absolutely everywhere in the house. I want to train him to go outside or on one of those indoor grass pee things for dogs. If anyone can tell me what the best way to do this is, I would be so appreciative, everything I have tried has not worked. One concern I have is that I am actually about to move from living in a house with other people to an apartment building, should I wait to train him in my new apartment or will potty training him in a different area be okay, without him getting confused once we move? That's why I am leaning more toward training him to use an indoor grass mat since I can put that on a balcony at least or in the apartment when I can't bring him all the way outside each time (lots of storms and snow where I am moving) or when I am at work …Can I train him to do both? Will I have a hard time training him in general because he's a senior dog?

Any advice or help is appreciated!

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