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Now, I've trained dogs before, I even trained my last rottweiler to by my service dog. She passed away in April and just recently I got myself a new rottweiler puppy who will be my new service dog. I absolutely adore her. Weve had her had her for a month, she's 3 months old. She's got sit down pat, she knows 'get down' (she likes to jump up and put her paws on things), she knows touch semi okay same with watch me. My problem is come. Weve been trying to get her use to me making a clicking noise as her recall. But honestly I'm struggling when its anywhere other than a controlled environment, she doesn't listen when its outside or she's in one of the bedrooms shes not supposed to be.

Now I know puppies aren't always great with come or recalls. In the past to make my other rottie listen when she was a puppy, id talk really high and excited and she'd come. But I can't do that anymore. About 2 years ago I had to get vocal cord surgery and part of my vocal cord was removed. Now I can't talk about a whisper, which means I can't make sounds either such as high pitched or excited voices.

Oh and I tried using a lead line so when I called her I could guide her back to me but the moment I put the lead line on her she instantly would rather chew on the lead line then do anything else.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can make recall work better for me?

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