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We’ve had our 2-year old super mutt (ACD/GS mostly) for about 7 months now. She’s been the most chill dog and has never shown any level of aggression toward dogs or humans… until about 3 weeks ago. Since we didn’t know how socialized she’d been before we adopted her, we were taking her to most places with us (grab coffee, outdoor lunches, etc) to see how she did. She was always super chill, she’d lay under a table or just sit and observe people. About 3 weeks ago we went to a brunch on a patio – as usual she came with us. When the server came up the dog jumped up and tried to go to her quickly. The server said that our dog nipped at her pant leg (barely opened her mouth and immediately let go). We were horrified and throughout the meal I had to walk our dog away when the server approached. Since then she’s been hit or miss on acting the same way when people walk by a table her humans are sitting at. She strains at the leash and makes a low growl and clearly would nip if we let her. Same behavior happened off leash when we were at a friends house. If we’re standing she happily lets anyone pet her, even someone she’d tried to nip at previously.

I assume this is some sort of new protective behavior, but how can we train it back out of her? Side note, we did take her to the vet in case she was sick and just grumpy, and they couldn’t find any physical issue.

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